Changing Your Golf Cart Engine with a Kohler Command-11 Saves Cash


Little engines, like those in your typical golf cart or mower, can get excessive wear when they aren’t effectively preserved, and also this wear can lead to both a loss of power and a raised probability of electric systems failing when attempting to utilize an electrical starter. You can eliminate the possible problem by replacing your engine using a little engine rebuild package that replaces your older flat head engine to a Kohler tiny engine.
There are remarkable renovations that can be made should you select to mount a Kohler Command-11 in your golf cart as opposed to several of the other tiny engine options that are readily available on the market today. To much better comprehend the benefit of selecting the Kohler engine for your upgrade, take into consideration the adhering to info.


Improved Power
By picking a Kohler Command-11 little engine rebuild package, you can experience a rise in power over what you received from your old flat head side valve engine. This increase is due to a selection of features, including the 11-horsepower expenses valve on the single-cylinder engine. Overhead valve engines tend to have a longer life, reduced fuel usage, reduced discharges, and also even much less sound than their side valve counterparts. They likewise experience a decreased quantity of carbon buildup which could reduce your cart engine’s power. Additionally, this Kohler little engine will remain cooler than some older engines due to its two-quart oil ability and also its stress lubrication system which is developed to make sure remarkable cooling of engine parts along with giving ample lubrication to help protect against engine wear. The Command-11 likewise includes a non reusable oil filter much like you would find on lots of bigger engines.

Manual Begin Qualities
Along with providing a rise in power, the Command-11 includes a manual start option along with the basic electric starter available on your Club Car Carryall. This manual start recoil system acts as an useful back-up to your typical equipment, permitting you to be able to get your cart’s tiny engine running even if the electrical startup system is malfunctioning or beginning to fall short. Having a hand-operated back-up offered on your engine could mean the distinction between having the ability to get back to where you began with and also needing to call for help.

Complete Conversion Products Available
If you’re thinking about acquiring a Kohler small engine then you are going to intend to make use of the easiest process feasible. Kohler had this in mind when establishing the Command-11 upgrade for the Club Car Carryall I and also II. The conversion package consists of a selection of brand-new elements, including the engine itself, a muffler system, the mounting plate for the engine, a drive belt, a starter generator belt, as well as also a choke cable television to make sure that you will not need to worry about having older parts that may wear before the core small engine elements do. The repower set has actually been made easily of installment in mind, enabling you to essentially go down the new engine in and also have it ready to enter document time. After all, you wish to have the ability to invest your time using your cart and not needing to toil away endlessly at getting a new engine mounted.

~ Ben Anton, 2007

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